Static sites

May 15th, 2017

Content APIs to the rescue

An alternative is decoupling the content management aspect from the system. And then replacing the maintenance prone server with a cloud based web service offering. Effectively, instead of your CMS of old, you move to a Content Management as a Service (CMaaS) world, with a content API to deliver all your content. That way, you get the all the benefits of content management features while still being able to embrace the static site generator mantra.

It so happens that Contentful is offering just that kind of content API. A service that

  • from the ground up has been designed to be fast, scalable, secure, and offer high uptime, so that you don’t have to worry about maintenance ever again.
  • offers a powerful editor and lots of flexibility in creating templates for your documents that your editors can reuse and combine, so that no developers resources are required in everyday writing and updating tasks.
  • separates content from presentation, so you can reuse your content repository for any device platform your heart desires. That way, you can COPE ("create once, publish everywhere").
  • offers webhooks that you can use to rebuild your static site in a fully automated fashion every time your content is modified.

Extracted from the article CMS-functionality for static site generators. Read more about the static site generators supported by Contentful.